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The Michael House Archives

Buildings and Grounds

Photographic images from across the decades of the grounds and buildings of Michaelhouse

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MHS0087_003.tif    RM
DLA_20090101_0001    RM
DLA_20090514_0124    RM
DLA_20090509_0121    RM
DLA_20091112_0163    RM
DLA_20090126_0052    RM
DLA_20090101_0002    RM
MHS0321_015.tif    RM
MHS0110_001.tif    RM
MHS0320_002.tif    RM
MHS0158_061.tif    RM
MHS0734_015.tif    RM
MHS0742_011.tif    RM
MHS0706_004.tif    RM
MHS0314_006.tif    RM
MHS0262_005.tif    RM
MHS0712_002.tif    RM
MHS0316_021.tif    RM
MHS0444_004.tif    RM
MHS0664_008.tif    RM
MHS0713_003.tif    RM
MHS0318_010.tif    RM
MHS0730_003.tif    RM
MHS0730_004.tif    RM
MHS0115_009.tif    RM
MHS0718_001.tif    RM
MHS0274_007.tif    RM
MHS0313_012.tif    RM
MHS0316_002.tif    RM
MHS0749_002.tif    RM
MHS0262_003.tif    RM
MHS0316_020.tif    RM
MHS0315_017.tif    RM
MHS0334_002.tif    RM
MHS0705_007.tif    RM
MHS0748_005.tif    RM
MHS0313_014.tif    RM
MHS0312_003.tif    RM
MHS0469_001.tif    RM
MHS0318_016.tif    RM
MHS0747_016.tif    RM
MHS0731_015.tif    RM
MHS0160_009.tif    RM
MHS0747_018.tif    RM
MHS0706_010.tif    RM
MHS0730_001.tif    RM
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